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Tue., 07th of Apr. 2015

BEYOND ENFORCEMENT: Communities, governance, incentives and sustainable use in combating wildlife crime
Mon., 30th of Mar. 2015

EP Intergroup Newsletter January 2015: Editorial
Wed., 21th of Jan. 2015

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Fri., 19th of Dec. 2014

European Parliament Intergroups 2014-2019
Fri., 12th of Dec. 2014

Intergroup's Launch Cocktail Reception - Report
Tue., 18th of Nov. 2014

EP Intergroup Newsletter November 2014: Editorial
Tue., 18th of Nov. 2014

Wed., 15th of Oct. 2014

INTERVIEW: Young entrepreneurs need to know about research funding – Pierre-Yves Cousteau
Mon., 13th of Oct. 2014

EP Intergroup Newsletter October 2014: Editorial
Tue., 07th of Oct. 2014

The New Climate Economy Report
Tue., 16th of Sep. 2014

La lutte contre le réchauffement n'est pas l'ennemie de la croissance
Tue., 16th of Sep. 2014

The next European Commissioners and their posts
Wed., 10th of Sep. 2014

EP Intergroup Newsletter September 2014: Editorial
Wed., 03th of Sep. 2014

Become Member of the EP Intergroup on "Climate Change, Biodiversity & Sustainable Development"
Tue., 26th of Aug. 2014

EP Intergroup Newsletter July 2014: Editorial
Thu., 26th of Jun. 2014

Tue., 24th of Jun. 2014

2014 European Elections
Tue., 17th of Jun. 2014

Mon., 28th of Apr. 2014

Intergroup CCBSD Main achievements 2009-2014
Thu., 24th of Apr. 2014

Invasions in Europe
Thu., 24th of Apr. 2014

EP Intergroup Newsletter September 2013: Editorial
Tue., 10th of Sep. 2013

Bee decline/neonicotinoid ban Key decision for bees as European Commission pushes for proposed neonicotinoid suspension
Mon., 29th of Apr. 2013

EU General Court Rules against Sustainable Use of Seals
Fri., 26th of Apr. 2013

First Global Plan of Action for Forest Genetic Resources adopted by FAO members
Tue., 23th of Apr. 2013

CITES COP16 - Vote on US proposal to up list Polar Bear and ban international trade in the species
Thu., 18th of Apr. 2013

New Director at IUCN Brussels Office
Mon., 08th of Apr. 2013

FAO forestry chief to lead UN-wide preps for Expo 2015
Mon., 25th of Mar. 2013

The Inuit take on the world’s greens and animal rightists
Fri., 22th of Feb. 2013

URBES for cities and biodiversity
Fri., 08th of Feb. 2013

A European strategy to tackle the great challenges of agriculture and food security under climate change
Wed., 05th of Dec. 2012

EU parliament urged to reject calls to designate polar bears an endangered species
Wed., 21th of Nov. 2012

Council agreement on revision of accounting directives
Sun., 06th of May. 2012


General information

Chair: MEP Pavel Poc
Czech Republic, S&D, ENVI/BUDG Committees - Vice-Chair of the ENVI Committee

“The Union shall work for the sustainable development of Europe based on balanced economic growth and price stability, a highly competitive social market economy, aiming at full employment and social progress, and a high level of protection and improvement of the quality of the environment.”
Article 3 (3) of the Treaty of Lisbon


The European Parliament Intergroup on "Climate Change, Biodiversity and Sustainable Development" brings together Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) from all political groups and Parliamentary Committees to find sustainable solutions to some of the greatest challenges of our time. This balanced forum of discussion allows MEPs to listen, debate and shape ideas and policies based on contributions from the different stakeholders (relevant experts, NGOs, private sector, researchers and academics) in the presence of the European Commission, EU Presidency, and EU Member States.


“Recognising that a sustainable world needs to ensure human well-being, nature protection and economic prosperity for present and future generations, this multi-stakeholder platform of dialogue aims to look into the solutions and opportunities provided by different sectors to address today’s and tomorrow’s environmental and socio-economic challenges, such as ecosystem degradation, biodiversity loss and climate change but also growth, competitiveness and jobs.”


  • Provide a cross-party and cross-committee platform for MEPs to openly debate and exchange with all stakeholders in a balanced way
  • Encourage strong involvement, dialogue and close cooperation among all stakeholders
  • Effectively integrate sustainable development principles – social, economic and environmental pillars – into EU decision-making and policy
  • Build on political, scientific and practical expertise to guide the development and implementation of coherent sustainable policies based on scientific evidence
  • Support science-based management and sustainable use of all natural renewable resources, including minerals, wildlife and marine resources
  • Develop and demonstrate the value of innovative nature-based solutions for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth in a competitive Europe
  • Link the innovation agenda with the sustainability agenda

Structure of the Intergroup

The Intergroup is made up of 11 Working Groups between which there are many synergies. Each Working Group is chaired by one or two Members of the European Parliament.

  • Agriculture & Water Management
  • Apiculture & Bee Health
  • Biodiversity & Ecosystem Services
  • Bioeconomy
  • Circular Economy
  • Climate Change
  • Energy, Transport & the Arctic
  • Fisheries, Aquaculture & Integrated Maritime Policy
  • Sustainable Forest Management
  • Islands & Overseas Entities
  • Research & Innovation

Cross-cutting issues

  • Ensure the inter-connection between environmental, social and economic policies
  • Mainstream environmental policy as well as climate change mitigation and adaptation measures into other policies
  • Promote the business & biodiversity initiative and stimulate cooperation and collaboration between public, private, and non-governmental actors
  • Support science-based management and sustainable use of all natural renewable resources, including minerals, wildlife and marine resources
  • Assess the potential of nature-based solutions (NBS) and green infrastructure (GI) to make economies and societies more resilient to modern challenges
  • Address the environment and development agenda (Sustainable Development Goals) to emphasise the synergistic links between the economic, social, and environmental dimensions of sustainable development
  • Follow up of the implementation of the EU Climate Adaptation Strategy
  • Follow up of the implementation of the EU Biodiversity Strategy
  • Address developments in Multilateral Environmental Agreements and other relevant international processes

Your contribution

  • To participate and contribute to the work of the European Parliament
  • To listen, interact and engage with MEPs, NGOs, the private sector and renowned experts in the presence of the European Commission and EU Presidency representatives
  • To share your concerns and knowledge
  • To jointly develop strategies

The Bureau of the Intergroup

The Official Bureau of the Intergroup is formed by the Chair and the vice-Chairs who have top decision-making powers. The Bureau meets twice a year to define the agenda of activities (priorities) and calendar of events of the Intergroup.

The Secretariat of the Intergroup

EBCD provides the Secretariat to the Intergroup.

The secretariat carries out the following activities:

  •  Monitor all developments related to sustainable development issues both at European and International level
  •  Maintain regular contacts with key policy makers and stakeholders
  •  Develop the agenda of the events in close collaboration with the MEP involved
  •  Take care of the logistics when organising an event in the European Parliament
  •  Ensure the communication of Intergroup activities



Tue., 05th of May. 2015
EESC/COR - Jacques Delors Building, Rue Belliard 99, Brussels
Ensuring a non-toxic circular economy - Promotion of material cycles without hazardous substances
Tue., 05th of May. 2015
European Parliament - Brussels
Access to Water: A public good and a human right
Wed., 29th of Apr. 2015
European Parliament - Strasbourg
Circular Economy and Packaging: The role of Extended Producer Responsibility
Thu., 23th of Apr. 2015
Where’s the Bioeconomy? Update your knowledge
Tue., 10th of Mar. 2015
European Parliament, Strasbourg
Integrating CO₂ in the Value Chain - The role of chemistry
Tue., 03th of Mar. 2015
European Economic and Social Committee
“Apiculture and Bee Health” Working Group - Kick-off Meeting
Thu., 12th of Feb. 2015
European Parliament - Strasbourg
Positioning Europe in Global Research - Priorities to achieve sustainable solutions
Tue., 03th of Feb. 2015
European Parliament - Brussels
Raw materials and decarbonisation: The way forward for European lime sector
Wed., 03th of Dec. 2014
European Parliament, Brussels
Cocktail Reception
Wed., 15th of Oct. 2014
Members' Salon, European Parliament, Brussels
Nature-Based Solutions: Innovation potential for Smart, Sustainable & Inclusive Growth in Europe
Tue., 30th of Sep. 2014
ASP 3G2, European Parliament, Brussels
Forestry debates kick-off in the new European Parliament
Wed., 24th of Sep. 2014
MEPs salon, European Parliament, Brussels
Intergroup Cocktail Reception in Strasbourg
Tue., 01th of Jul. 2014
European Parliament, Strasbourg, Room C2.1